Snowbird Photos-1

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Ribbon Cutting and Roost Opening, 11/15/16

Ken and Mary register, 11/15/16

Harvest House donation, 12/3/16

Snowbirds' night out, 11/19/16

Kim Cannon, 11/29/16

Bobby D, 12/6/16

Craft Show, 12/6/16

A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Don, 12/10/16

Emerald Coast Community Band 12/13/16

Snowbirds at the Destin Christmas Parade 12/10/16

David Hall 1/10/17

Jim and Carolyn Smallets 1000th members 1/10/17

Sweet Caroline 1/10/17

Dancin' to Dave 1/10/17

TGIT Party 1/10/17

Jabbo and Krissa 1/17/17

TGIT Party 1/10/17

Pensive poker players 1/16/17

Pinochle players 1/26/17

Eclipse 1/24/17

Golfers Niemala and Burgess 1/25/17

The bowling Kremers 1/20/17

David Seering 1/31/17

CIC Food Drive 1/31/17

2000th Snowbirds 2/7/17

TGIT Welcoming Committee 1/31/17

Todd Herendeen 2/7/17

All aboard! 2/6/17

Valentine's Dinner Dance 2/12/17

Soundsations 2/14/17

Computer Club 2/14/17

The Writer's Group 2/10/17

9&Wine Hole-in-One! by Karen Kimber 2/19/17

2017 Bowling Champs Patricia Niemela and Bill Bentley