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PRESIDENT   Dean Harper        865-336-0421
VICE PRESIDENT   Charles Cassell        804-310-8619
2ND VICE PRESIDENT   Jackie Roberson        207-542-5031
TREASURER   Dick Cunneen       317-437-8027
SECRETARY   Mary Pierce       419-250-9377
PUBLICITY DIRECTOR   Sigrid Aeschleman       309-824-0626
MEMBER AT LARGE   Linda Zukonik       850-650-7150 (Nov-Mar)
MEMBER AT LARGE   Dave Douglas       850-654-1425, ext 61005 (Nov-Mar)
WEBMASTER   Bob Baker       850-837-3904 (Nov-Mar)


Mailing Address (November through March):
Destin Snowbird Club, P.O. Box 1367, Destin, FL 32540
Destin Businesses, Activity Clubs or any Organization who would like to be part of the Destin
Snowbird Meetings please contact the Prize Committee at our e-mail address, Provide a brief outline of your intentions

and a local phone number.


2016 – 2017 ACTIVITIES


BASKETBALL   Chris Gray   603-778-9211
BILLIARDS   Tom Willie   715-791-9515
BOWLING   Mike and Joan Dougall
BRIDGE   Ron DeLuca   724-816-4552
CASINO TRIPS   Ken Yee   850-837-7093 ext 1014
CHEERS AND TEARS   Gene Wilkens   214-693-8919
CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE   Ray and Cindy Varnell   865-742-9348
CHRISTMAS STREET PARADE   Frank and Elsie Urman   651-343-8079
COMPUTER CLUB   Ken Lemire   850-502-2188,
    Bob Carson
CRAFT SHOWS   Joanne Andrychuk   850-650-0175
CRUISE - CARIBBEAN   Don Cooksey   850-837-3637
CRUISES - HARBOR   Jackie Roberson   207-542-5031
EUCHRE   John and Jan Lee   573-529-2649
FASHION SHOW   Elise Eggert   920-572-8830
    Gayle Carson   850-424-3816
    Evelyn Lemire   850-502-2188
FISHING   Tom Willie   715-791-9515
GOLF CO-ORDINATOR   Joe Pierce   813-766-8561
GOLF, LADIES   Mary Pierce   419-250-9377
GREETERS   Jackie Herlin   850-654-9570, cell 708-975-0040
HISTORIAN   Gail Carson   850-424-3816
MAHJONG   Beth Yadsko   814-574-3434
PICKLEBALL   Destin Community Center   850-685-5310
PINOCHLE   Edgel Grimm   850-424-4367
POKER   Dean Harper   865-336-0421
PRIZE COMMITTEE   Paul and Nancy Hewitt   850-424-7397
QUILTING   Mary McFarlane
REGISTRATION   Linda Zukonik   850-650-7150
SINGLES FRIENDSHIP CLUB   Jan Langham   517-528-6810
SKEET SHOOTING   Denny Kugler   612-328-0566
SOUNDSATIONS - NWFSC CONCERT   Ray and Cindy Varnell   865-742-9348
STORAGE LOCKERS   Ken Yee   850-837-7093 ext 1014
    Gordon Cornwall   850-837-7093 ext 7312
TENNIS   Jay Young   313-410-2353
TGIT (THANK GOODNESS IT'S TUESDAY) PARTIES   Ray and Cindy Varnell   865-742-9348
USHERS/PRIZE   Carol Cooksey   850-837-3637
DISTRIBUTORS   Joan Cornwall   850-837-7093 ext 7312
VALENTINE'S DINNER DANCE   Dave Douglas   850-654-1425 ext 61005


WRITERS GROUP   Pat Hager   701-225-3753