The Destin Snowbird Club

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Welcome to the Destin Snowbirds!

A social club with a focus on fun-filled activities for the winter season!

Destin Snowbirds meet at the Roost! The Roost is located in the Destin Community Center at 101 Stahlman Avenue (right behind McGuires).  See the Meetings & Entertainment and Registration pages for dates & times.

General meetings are held on Tuesday mornings with entertainment and door prizes donated by our local sponsors.  During December and March there is one meeting at 10:00 am.   In January and February there are two meetings, the first one begins at 8:30 am and the second at 11:00 am.  

See you at the Roost! 


Q. Sounds like fun!  How do I join the Destin Snowbirds?

A. You sign up at a Registration event or at many of the Meetings.  See the Registration page for information.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. See the Registration page for fees.  As this is a non-profit club, Activities are reasonably priced at cost.  Many area Vendors provide special Snowbird prices for products and services.




Don't forget to sign up for your favorite / favourite Snowbird Activity!  Select these links to see the latest... 

Activitity Sheet and Events Calendar.

Look for more information on the Club Activities, Area Activities and Golf pages of this website!


See the weekly News Article for up-to-date happenings in and around the Club!


Many area Vendors generously support our Club with Specials and Prizes!  Please support them when you have the opportunity! 


Be sure to sign our Guest Book! 


Suncreen or umbrella?...  Shorts or toque (sock hat, knit cap)?...

Destin Weather!      Live Beach Cam! (at Sandestin)

Tide Chart!



The "Photo Page"
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What's New?

  • Many of our Snowbird friends have departed on their annual migration North.  Most will be gone by the end of March.  Here is a Weather Map to help plan your travels.  Travel Safely!
  • Tuesday, March 10, was the final meeting for this winter.  Happy Trails everyone, see y'all next year!.
  • The final date to sign-up for the 2015-2016 Valentine's Cruise has been extended to April 15 (was March 15). See the Club Activities page for details.
  • One of our Snowbird friends has reported a difficulty when he joined a travel club.  He found that many of the discounts he paid for are available on various websites, without a club membership.  This is not a criticism of travel clubs in general, there are many fine ones... just a caution about getting what you pay for.
  • April 1 marks our fiscal year.  That seems like a good time to begin transitioning the website over to 2015-2016 as new information becomes available.  We'll try to highlight the changes to differentiate the old and new information.